About Confetti Sweets

Kathy Leskow was a stay-at-home mom looking for something to do. She didn’t know it would turn into a cookie empire.

She started off baking cookies in her kitchen and selling them at her local farmers’ market. But that wasn’t enough, so she expanded to a few more markets. Soon her home oven, mixer, and pans couldn’t keep up with the new demand, so she sought out commercial equipment. Before she knew it, Kathy was running a fully-functional, health board-certified bakery out of her home!

Within a few years, her business expanded again: Kathy secured a storefront for Confetti Sweets in Sherwood Park in 2014. Since then, Confetti Sweets has expanded into more than just cookies, and has also started selling into grocery stores across the province.

Kathy is no longer found scooping cookie dough, but is instead working on growing the business and seizing all opportunities that come her way.  “My passion and studies have always been business focused, and I can honestly say this is my dream job.”  

Everything we make is Totally Awesome.

Why? Because we use only the best ingredients, and we don’t skimp.

We think real butter tastes best—that’s why we use only butter in our cookies, not margarine, and not shortening. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else.

We use only the best chocolate, and we use a variety of brands because each has important taste characteristics that we prefer, based on the recipe. Is using higher-quality chocolate more expensive? Sometimes. But is it worth it? All the time.

Our vanilla, our peanut butter, our coconut, our sugar: all real, and all the best we can find. We would never, ever, ever use an inferior ingredient to save money—when we say we make Totally Awesome, we mean totally.

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The Confetti Team

Our staff is the backbone of our business—Confetti Sweets wouldn’t be what it is without the Confetti Team. Whether they’re baking, manning the counter, or delivering cookies, you won’t find a more fun, more supportive group of people who are committed to ensuring your experience is the best it can be.

The Oscar Cookie

Some of you might be wondering, “Where have I heard of Confetti Sweets before?”

It’s the Oscars. Thank you, thank you.

We don’t want to brag (much) but it’s true: in 2015 and 2016, Confetti Sweets was lucky enough to serve our cookies at a pre-Oscar party for nominees, press, and Hollywood. We served cookies to the likes of Jamie Foxx, Joan Collins and Luis Guzman, among others.

People always ask, so we’ll tell you: we brought our two bestsellers, Chocolate Chunk and Coconut.