She a novel by Carla Howatt

She a novel by Carla Howatt

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An excellent supporter of our local community, Carla Howatt is an author right here in Sherwood Park. Here's a way you can support local and also get yourself a great new read while we're spending so much time at home!


She: A Cautionary Tale

"Many women want a passionate love and a perfect marriage.
Some women find one or even both.
Others fool themselves.

Olivia is a single mother of two rambunctious boys, successful in her career and surrounded by good friends. But spending time in online dating forums has left her cynical and despairing she will ever find love again.

Then one day, she receives a message from Luke. The connection between them is as immediate as it is intense. Olivia has finally found the perfect man. Or has she?

She, a journey of self-discovery and acceptance."

-Carla Howatt