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A totally awesome Edmonton company, these pierogi are certified organic and ready to eat in 10 minutes!


"Authentic and modern Polish pierogi delights from Pierogerie in Edmonton! Our pierogi are hand crafted in small batches with fresh organic and local ingredients. You will be amazed by the light thin dough! Our pierogi are PRE-COOKED and ready in minutes for busy families. We do not add any preservatives, no trans fats, non-GMO - absolutely nothing artificial!"

 Cabbage Rolls

"Our traditional cabbage rolls will bring you right back to Babcia’s kitchen. We use organic cabbage and lovingly wrap an authentic blend of heritage pork, Canadian quinoa, rice and spices in its leaves. Frozen in a ready-to-pop-in-the-oven container, our cabbage rolls are so simple to make. Simply fire up the oven, turn on a timer and forget about them while you spend quality time with your family. Enjoy!"