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Our chocolates are handmade with care in small batches by our Master Chocolatier with only the finest quality chocolate made with sustainably sourced, fair trade cacao. We use the freshest ingredients sourced from local producers.

Our Master Chocolatier has been practicing her craft for over 30 years. Her experience and passion combine to create chocolates that are both aesthetically pleasing and a perfect balance of flavours.

KETO CHOCOLATE – we are now proud to offer LOW CARB chocolate as the newest addition to our collection. We currently offer a selection of 6 different flavored bars. 5 of the Keto bars have only 1 net carb per 24 gram bar while our Peanut Butter bar has only 2 net carbs per bar.

Our SUGAR FREE chocolates are handmade to the same high quality standards as our regular chocolates. If you are looking to enjoy artisanal chocolates and are watching your sugar intake or calorie count, this option is for you.

For those following a PALEO lifestyle, we have PALEO specific chocolate made with only 2 ingredients – pure cacao and coconut sugar.

All of our chocolates items can be custom made with any of these above dietary alternatives.

What can make candy even better? Dip it on chocolate, of course. From chocolate dipped gummy bears (our most popular CONFECTIONS) to chocolate dipped licorice – these sweet treats are sure to delight.  We also carry a line of English Toffees, brittles and Chocolate Barks.