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What makes OUR cookie dough the best?!

What makes OUR cookie dough the best?!


Ever wish you could go behind the scenes at Confetti Sweets and grab a bite of our totally awesome cookie dough BEFORE it goes into the ovens?

Well now you can!! Edible cookie dough has arrived at all of our store locations. We have 2 flavours: Chocolate Chunk, and Oatmeal M&M, and you can get your hands on a little tub for $3.25!

 What makes Confetti Sweets cookie dough so delicious?

The same things that make our cookies totally awesome - real, fresh ingredients! Our cookie dough is made with real butter, and the same high quality ingredients that are in our cookies. It is the exact dough that we use for our cookies, but with egg-replacer added so you can grab a spoon and eat it! 


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