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Quest for the Best

Quest for the Best

Here at Confetti Sweets, we take research and development very seriously. It’s hard work, tasting recipes and fine-tuning our delicious sweets, but someone’s gotta do it. ;)

It took years to nail down our famous chocolate chunk and coconut recipes, but one of our more recent adventures was to perfect our Confetti Sweets cupcakes.

The first flavour we added to our menu is chocolate. We cover them in soft, fresh buttercream topped with a chocolate chunk cookie piece. After adding cupcakes to the menu, we figured it would be crazy to be called Confetti Sweets without a ‘confetti’ cupcake! We top our vanilla confetti cake with our soft buttercream and a sprinkled sugar cookie.

At each of our 3 locations, we have our chocolate cupcakes fresh and ready daily. Our confetti flavour is available from Wednesday - Saturday, but you can call or order online any time!

How much are these delicious cupcakes you ask?

$30/dozen or $16 for 1/2 dozen, or $3 for 1.



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